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Audit And Assurance: Understanding the Differences and Benefits

The concepts of audit and assurance are intertwined, but they are not the same. Audit and assurance are often confused with each other or interchanged. This write-up seeks to explain the key differences between the two. Before we delve into the conundrum, let us first grasp the meaning of audit…


Maximising Tax Savings: The Benefits of Tax Planning

Maximising Tax Savings: The Benefits of Tax Planning

Tax planning is very essential for anyone who wants to save money on taxes and improve their financial position. Tax planning involves analyzing the situation of an entity or individual and arranging their tax affairs in a legitimate manner to reduce their tax liability and maximize savings and profits. In…


Step by step guide on business registration in Ghana

Step By Step Guide On Business Registration In Ghana

Ghana’s foreign direct investments have grown exponentially for many years now. Many entrepreneurs/ business owners (both Ghanaians and foreign nationals) have established businesses in Ghana and are doing massively well. To start a business in Ghana, it is imperative to understand the process of business registration which is governed by…


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